Thursday, February 4, 2010

Backing down on climate change

The LA Times recently ran an editorial called "Backing down on climate change" (February 5th, 2010) that claimed
No one really knows what would happen if average temperatures hit 5 C higher than 1850 -- a level we could easily reach within a century under a business-as-usual scenario -- but changes to the physical geography of the planet become probable: land masses would vanish; ecosystems would collapse. Human civilization would change, and not for the better.
Corrections would urge the author to credit the human race with some modicum of intelligence. It is unclear that a global climate change would harm civilization, as a whole. Afterall, the flood urged Noah to build the world's largest boat. Rational human beings will begin to invest increasingly in technology that will prevent serious climate change as soon a such change becomes worrisome. In fact, many have done so already. Assuming people discount the future, they may be willing, for some time, to put off trying to solve the global warming problem in favor of leisure activities or other types of invention. When demand for a solution becomes large enough, individuals will certainly shift their production toward climate innovation. Just because we currently see no social investment in the problem of global warming (beyond shopping in a special "organic" aisle at the grocery store), does not imply that such investment will not take place. Warning readers that "human civilization will change, and not for the better" is contingent on the same, ageless refrain "if current trends continue..."

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  1. Given the extraordinary scandal underlying the IPCC climate data - perhaps the only example of and international group of scientists conspiring both to falsify data, use misleading graphics, suppress the publication of legitimate data showing their hypotheses to be false and the conspiracy to pressure scientific journals to publish peer reviewed data disagreeing with their anthropogenic climate change hypothesis it is hard to take the Global Warming claims too seriously. The emergence of false data claiming the upcoming disappearance of Himalayan glaciers, changes in Brazilian rainfall etc reflect the same phenomenon. Basically this fraud has discredited a climate change science that ceased being a branch of physics and instead became a branch of political science. The left used to try to justify its claim to power by promises to provide superior economic management - but this claim has been discredited by the failure of collectivism in the USSR, Communist China, Eastern Europe, Cuba, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, etc and the contrasting success of capitalism in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, capitalist China, India etc. The Anthropogenic Global Warming fraud is essentially an attempt to create a state of fear in the population allowing the left to then claim vast license to control large segments of the economy (new carbon taxes, regulation of industrial processes) and other aspects of life (control of diet on the grounds that animals generate carbon dioxide), land use and an endless variety of other aspects of life.