Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Facebook's virtual farming lacks actual meaning

Atlanta Journal-Constitution article "Facebook's virtual farming lacks actual meaning" (April 7th, 2010) appears to miss a point when it offers a tirade on how Facebook's application FarmVille is inferior to real farming.

Farmville and the Internet are surely diverting, and they may suggest a desire for community, but the relationships, like the watermelons online, lack the most important and satisfying substance.

Corrections conjectures that FarmVille does, however, offer a relatively complex dynamic programming problem for an individual user. How best to maximize (perhaps discounted) revenue over time with borrowing constraints is a challenging problem. Replicability, lack of continuous time trends that one has in the real world makes the game perhaps more tractable than a regular farmer's problem. Corrections sees this criticism as unwarranted.

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