Friday, June 1, 2012

Balance Sheet of U.S. Households and Nonprofit Organizations 1949-2011

Below, Corrections displays the Balance Sheet of Households and Nonprofit Institutions in the United States from 1949-2011, in real 2011 U.S. dollars (click to enlarge).

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  1. It would appear that you can pretty much lay a ruler on the period from 1973 to 2010 and have a reasonably straight line with the only deviations stemming from the false inflation of asset values of the dot com boom and the housing boom. This is consistent with the fact that during this same period P/E ratios rose to stratospheric levels producing an apparent gain in wealth that then evaporated when P/E ratios reverted to their historical mean as they always do. A happy illusion while it lasted but like all illusions it did not last.